How Much Should You Spend On Corporate Gifts For Employees

With the onset of festive season, employees look forward to corporate gifts. Employees are the base of any successful company. It is very important for the bosses to keep employees happy. Happy employees lead to a successful company. When employees slog with meeting targets on time, they deserve a token of appreciation in the form of corporate gifts.

What would you consider before gifting?

Gifting employees helps them to be motivated. Gifting also brings a positive environment in the office as every employee feels that his/her efforts have not gone unnoticed. There are certain factors which need to be considered when you decide to gift your employees.

• Allocate certain portion of budget for gifting

• Chose the right time for gifting

• Understand the sentiments of your employees

• Follow business etiquettes

• Use personal touch

• Be Thoughtful

• Think out of box

Art of gifting employees:

While bonuses are given as a form of appreciation, sometimes gifts help boost the appreciation quotient. Employees appreciate gifts like a tie or a pen stand with the company name engraved or a duffel bag or even a gourmet box. Corporate gifts are expensive. If you have to shell out certain amount for, let’s say 1000 employees, then gifting uneconomical things that are not useful to the employee does not make any sense. When gifting the employee, think from his/her perspective, will the gift be appropriate and useful to him/her.

How much can you spend on your employee is dependent on:

1. Tenure of employee: There are some employees who are there with you right from the inception of the company. They are valued employees, who are very loyal to you. For these employees, you have to spend a little more than you would spend on other employees.

2. Stick to the budget: In the process of gifting, it becomes necessary that the budget is allocated. Note down how much you can afford to spend for each employee. You budget, of course, depends on how much revenue the company has earned in the year. Gifts can also be chosen accordingly.

3. Jot down the gifting hierarchy: Select gift according to the ranks of the employee. Some old employees deserve a little better gift than a newly joined employee. Likewise a person who has achieved his sales target on time will expect a suitably impressive reward as opposed to the person who is struggling to meet his target.

4. Group gifting: In case, there are more employees, it becomes economical that you give group gifts. Like gifting picnic or resort stay for families of all employees. This works two ways. They get to spend time with families and also enjoy their time as a team.

Spending on corporate gifts ideas for employees has become a norm with many companies. While bonuses are an employee’s right, gifting is your way of rewarding their effort. But make sure that the gift does not exceed the bonus. After all, when the company stumbles, the employee who stands by you passes the test of time to become a loyal employee.

Putting a photo booth at your wedding – Dos and Don’ts

Standing around, posing for instant clicks has always been a prom tradition but more and more events are incorporating photo booths to add to the allure –be it birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and more importantly weddings. In fact, Photo booths are quite the rage at weddings these days.  If you are someone who absolutely wants a photobooth rental at your wedding, then here are a few things to keep in mind before you add one to your wedding setup.

You need to find the right place to set up the photo booth. You can’t just stick in the corner of the room. Even though it looks like a small curtained room, there are all the wires, chords that need space.
Do: Place it close to the bar or even better the dance floor. These are two spots that are guaranteed to generate traffic to the photo booth
Don’t: Place the photo booth in any unoccupied space and definitely do not place it in a different room or floor from the main event.

If you are keeping a photo booth at your wedding, make sure there is an assistant available to handle the guests, the pictures, the end product, etc. Similarly, decide if you want to add props to spice up the pictures.
Do: Invest in a company that includes an assistant and provides props on hire for the booth
Don’t: Leave the photo booth unmanned. You can choose to go original without props, but a photo booth with no helper or assistant will only cause unnecessary chaos.

Photo booths seem simple and straightforward. Go into the curtained room, watch the light, say cheese and click. While this is the process, the result can be varied. Not all photo booths print out 4 shots in a reel. There are so many options available now, including 3D, stickers and of course the classic, single instant click.
Do: Figure out what kind of photo booth you want, i.e. what kind of pictures it will produce. Print up a sign or instruction that lets guests know what to expect from the photo booth
Don’t: Place a booth in a corner and leave guests to fumble around the tripod figuring out what kind of picture they will be getting. It can cause damage to the equipment, or leave you with disgruntled and disappointed guests.

A photo booth near the bar equals perfect placement. Even if you choose another location, it’s best to think ahead and plan for easy access of refreshments near the booth.
Do: Place the photo booth close to the bar. You will definitely get happy cheerful (or even silly) pictures. Also, in case there’s a crowd, the guests aren’t just standing around waiting.
Don’t: Place the photo booth with no easy access to alcohol or other refreshments can be a turn off for guests, especially if there is a crowd and waiting period to click a picture.
So, to sum it up, want a photo booth at your wedding, think location, location, location!