Best Dessert Tables in Singapore for Kids

Who does not love cakes and desserts? Usually, this is the highlight of any party. Kids love to try different types of sweets made with new flavors and are always looking for that special cake and sweet treats at a party. A celebration for kids would be considered incomplete without a special curated dessert table.

  1. The dessert table ends up being the center of attention, as it is the sweetest and the most attractive place in the party. The best Dessert Tables in Singapore can be recognized from the huge bunch of kids attracted to it. If you want to achieve success and make kids happy then think of colorful sprinkles and the favorite flavors of kids – like chocolate, vanilla and caramel and more.
  2. The centerpiece is obviously the most beautiful part of the table – a cake that is designed and created to perfection with the host child’s choices and likings in mind. Ensure that the flavor and the design of the cake match the theme of the party.
  3. Use smaller cupcakes, shooters, and tartlets specially created for the children to make it the best Dessert Table Singapore. Some of the popular flavors are chocolate, caramel, red velvet, and Display colorful cupcakes in three to four flavors and contrasting colors. Have lots of cookies, macaroons pop of two or more varieties and chocolates with colorful sprinkles on the items displayed. The amazingly designed cupcakes and pastries may also contain some local flavors if the hosts desire so.
  4. You can create a wonderful theme-based table or use the universally liked the ideas like flowers, vehicles, and Decorate the table with cutouts of cartoons and balloons.

Usually, the kids have some favorite show or a toy. The theme of the dessert table can be designed around that. Disney, for example, banners, balloons and cupcakes in specific shapes.

  1. Another example that was really very popular is the little mermaid. We know of one such Dessert Table Singapore that had the model of a beach, with sea creatures and all things connected with the sea. The entire tableau including the sand on the beach was edible. Kids and adults alike loved the theme and the pictures were posted in many magazines. Another mermaid dessert table used sparkly mint green and baby pink dotted with gold.
  2. Another well-known party had a car themed dessert table. All things were related to the car racing and checkered flags. It is needless to say the kids loved the idea. You can use the favorite animated character of the child, and create the theme and the desserts around that completely. There is no dearth of themes and with good imagination and creativity, then nothing is impossible, think of movies and cartoon characters that kids love and you can create the desserts around that.
  3. The Dessert Table can have natural elements like bunnies, birds and flowers and more. The light colored flowers and balloons above and behind the birthday cake add a special sparkle.

A dessert table for kids is very special. While creating a unique Dessert Table you create an exceptional look for a child and take into account kids, the theme of the party and food etc. It is important to mix the flavors so that all the kids get to choose what they like. You don’t want any kid to go home disappointed, do you?