Virtual Event Types Everyone Must Know

The importance of face-to-face interaction will never fade away. There are huge benefits of hosting fringe activities at events. But due to specific disparities, the concept of hosting events has shifted towards becoming virtual. So the core competency of organizing a virtual event is similar to an in-person meeting.

There can be various types of virtual events, suiting the needs of the agenda. Still, the primary goal for all is to organize an engaging meeting filled with networking opportunities and educational and interactive sessions. The only thing missing is the attendees and site, which will have a digital presence on the webinar platform.

Types of Virtual Meetings:

Often while organizing a virtual event, organizers are perplexed about which types of meetings will be in their best interest. 

1. The Standard Virtual Meeting 

The standard meeting is an ideal event for mid-sized gatherings or for distributing information to a widely remote audience. So the standard meeting is mostly informal and provides space for mass interaction.

This meeting type involves a conferencing system wherein an operator works from the back end to ensure the smooth running. Their function will include managing attendees, sending them to virtual breakouts, muting and unmuting as and when the speaker speaks. Such kind of an interactive session ensures a two-way communication process and quick deployment of solutions. Because it is an inexpensive method of remotely gathering attendees.

2. The Live-Stream Meeting 

Live streaming is one of the best types of virtual events that ensures less interaction but high production values. Such kind of meetings is often organized between presenters and audiences. So Live-stream meetings can pair with the standard meeting as an add on or become a prelude to a full conference. While it is ideal for small and mid-sized conference wherein the agenda discussed includes high-profile issues like a product launch, large webinars, etc.

Before broadcasting a live stream in front of a large audience, multiple pieces of content are layered together to create a clean and professional meeting. So it is the same as that of an in-person meeting except for the digital presence of the audience in the form.

3. The Virtual Conference 

A conglomeration of both live-stream meetings and regular visual meeting, the Virtual Conference builds an interactive platform which opens new dimensions for the participants. Here participants have the liberty to indulge in a one-to-one conversation or group discussions. So some of the important aspects of video conferencing include registration, ticketing, vendor booths, large breakout rooms, and multiple virtual stages. 

This event includes on-demand videos, downloadable media, chat rooms, multiple live streams, etc. It is one of the best alternatives for a face-to-face meeting while enabling a similar interactive platform for vendors. Furthermore, it opens a vast scope for attendees to communicate their ideologies with a global audience. Such meetings are mostly live, while some can have pre-recorded content.


Several factors play a pivotal role in the successful completion of the meetings. So to ensure that event organizers can send out web links and allows participants. They can allow them to select customized gifts from Virtual Event Printings, as a token of appreciation.


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